BMW E39: Trunk Tools

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This post lists all of the parts that can be fitted to the E39’s trunk tool kit. Not all of these tools were included for the DE93 (North American) market cars. Specifically, we didn’t receive tools A, I, or J.



KIT 71111180684 Tool kit case pre-facelift (NLA) production ended 11/22/2001

KIT 71111182774 Tool kit case facelift production started 09/1995

A 71601092427 Warning triangle with container (NLA) production ended 05/2000

A 71601095535 Warning triangle with container (NLA) production started 05/2000

A 71606770096 Warning triangle without container production started 05/2000

A 71606770487 Warning triangle with container production started 05/2000

B 71121179953 Wheel lug crank

C 71111126148 Double open-end wrench (12mm/13mm)

D 71111112893 Double open-end wrench (8mm/10mm)

E 54127199322 Double 90 degree manual sunroof crank

F 72157203519 Towing hinge

G 71111179629 Double head screw driver

H 71111179522 Water pump pliers

I 71111181418 Socket wrench (10mm)

J 71111181460 Spark plug wrench (16mm)

K 71111093774 Wheel pin

L 71111115810 Blue polishing cloth (not shown) (NLA)

M 71156754340 Spare wheel protective ring (not shown)

82262210667 First aid kit

52108228146 Passenger side first aid kit with holding container (NLA)

52108176555 Holder bracket for first aid kit container

72600000335 Fire extinguisher (NLA)

82279404488 Fire extinguisher holding bracket (NLA)


Trunk Tool Explanation and Demonstration Video